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Schomburg Pars Co. as joint venture established by Schumburg GmbH is the exclusive supplier and distributor for Schomburg Products in Iran.

This group with excellent records in producing and supplying different kind of chemical materials in industries such as Civil & Building , Water and Wastewater, Oil, Gas and petrochemical and ... , is ready to provide clients with professional & technical services in different projects. 

Our expertise includes:

  • Seamless liquid waterproofing materials based on cement/polymer with permanent waterproofing properties (either against positive or negative hydro-static pressure),
  • Crystalline technology for permanent  waterproofing effect in concrete structures,
  • Concrete admixture,
  •  High strength repair mortars with excellent bonding strength for damaged concrete surfaces or repairing of honeycombs & ... in concrete structures,
  • Industrial flooring systems with excellent chemical & mechanical resistance properties and high abrasion resistance for parking, warehouses and production plants in both industrial & decorative application,
  • New generation hydrophilic based on TPE and bentonite waterstops,
  • Seamless elastomer polymer based waterproofing systems for wet rooms and pools
  • Tile adhesives & grouts,
  • Facade protective coating,
  • High performance elastic joint sealant,

and ...


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