Elastic polyurethane injection resin

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Furthermore for the waterproofing injection of the AQUAFIN-CJ1 grout injection hose in construction oints. AQUAFIN-P4 has an advantageous mixing ratio of 1: 1 parts by volume. AQUAFIN-P4 can be injected via packers or via the AQUAFIN-CJ1 grout injection hose embedded in concrete. Fulfills the criteria in accordance with DIN EN 1504-5:
U(D1) W(1) (1/2) (6/40).

Areas of application::

  • AQUAFIN-P4 is used to close off, waterproof and to form an elastic binding of cracks, joints and voids within concrete, natural stone or brickwork structures. AQUAFIN-P4 can be used for waterproofing car parks, concrete tanks, slotted walling, inner leafs of tunnels and construction joints.
Article-No. Color package sizes Unit/Pallet
205091 -

2.1 kg (1.0 kg comp A
and 1.1 kg comp B).
10.5 kg (5.0 kg comp A
and 5.5 kg comp B).
Components A and B are
delivered at a predetermined
mix ratio.



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