Injection material for the waterproofing of water bearing cracks
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Product details


AQUAFIN-P1 is a highly reactive, single component modified isocyanate. AQUAFIN-P1 is ready for use. AQUAFIN-P1 expands on water contact with a rapid and extensive increase in volume and forms a solid viscoplastic foam, which forms a temporary waterproof barrier against further water penetration.
AQUAFIN-P1 is resistant to acids and alkalis and will not attack bitumen or waterproof tapes. On very dry substrates there is no immediate foaming expansion of the material but AQUAFIN-P1 hardens slowly through the ambient moisture already present in the air or from moisture in the concrete.

Areas of application:

  • AQUAFIN-P1 is used for injecting water-bearing cracks
    and joints in concrete and stonework.
    AQUAFIN-P1 is used to:
    • Stop water influx from cracks, joints and similar
    • Consolidate loose stonework
    AQUAFIN-P1 fulfills the requirements of the DiBt data
    sheet from Nov. 2000, “Assessment of the effects of
    construction products on concrete and ground water”.
Article-No. Color width Unit/Pallet
205090 brown 1.1 and 5.5 kg