CRISTALLIT-VARIO-Light – a flexible adhesive for all uses


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The new adhesive CRISTALLIT-VARIO-Light from SCHOMBURG is an adhesive based on high quality special white cements with a large application spectrum. Selected lightweight aggregates and the addition of property enhancing additives make it a perfect tile adhesive.

As a thin-bed, medium-bed, flow-bed or thick-bed adhesive up to 30 mm bed thickness, ceramic and natural stone finishes can be safely installed to walls and floors with this new development from the east westphalian building product specialist. As a conseqeunce of the use of white binders, CRISTALLIT-VARIO-Light can be used to safely bond translucent finishes. With reliable creamy handling. the new adhesive offers the installer the best working properties when installing high quality finishes. After 4 hours grouting can commence. The rapid hardening adhesive is tested to DIN EN 12004 as C2F S1. By the same token it has been tested with SCHOMBURG bonded waterproof membranes relevant to the system.