SOLOPLAN-HF – the high strength mineral-based coating for floors, which can be put into service immediately


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SCHOMBURG has expanded the SOLOPLAN product family and with SOLOPLAN-HF presents a levelling compound, with which directly serviceable flooring can be produced for interiors or exteriors.

The high strength levelling compound covers a band width from 3-30 mm and is ready for foot traffic after approx. 3 hours under standard conditions (+23°C / 50% relative humidity). After only one day the area can be driven over with cars and after three days with heavier vehicles such as e.g. fork lift trucks.

The new development from the East Westphalian building product specialist is especially suitable for commercial flooring, which is frequented by foot traffic and vehicles with pneumatic, solid rubber and vulkollan tyres. It is also possible to use in private garages, hobby rooms and party cellars.

The system is rounded off with the solvent free impregnator REMISIL-SI. After only 5 hours the levelled area can be flooded with the aqueous system and rollered, which increases the resistance to contamination. Various coloured chip blends are available for decorative designs. These are broadcast into the freshly poured levelling compound. To encapsulate the INDU-DecorChips, the two component, solvent free sealer INDUFLOOR-IB2255 is provided. It is usually rollered on the floor in a criss-cross manner on the following day.

SOLOPLAN-HF is based on the new SCHOMBURG TopTEC binder technology. The reactive binder saves time. The product is applied on to the system primer either by hand using a pin rake or spiked roller or applied mechanically through a screw feed pump. Skirting areas are isolated with the self-adhesive edging strip RD-SK50, to prevent stresses within the levelling compound. SOLOPLAN-HF is very low emissions and carries the Emicode EC1+ seal of approval.