suitable for use with Pozzolanic materials
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  • BETOCRETE-G3000 is a retarding and high-range waterreducing concrete admixture with workability retention. BETOCRETE-G3000 is formulated to produce high quality concrete in hot climates with excellent flowing properties and to improve early & ultimate concrete strengths with set retarding effect enabling long transportation of concrete as well as to enable the use of pozzolanic materials such as silica fume, fly ash and blast furnace slag. It effectively reduces the concrete mixing water, so it improves all physical and mechanical properties of the concrete. Once incorporated in the mix BETOCRETE-G3000 is adsorbed on cement particles introducing a powerful deflocculating behavior which helps in reduction of the mixing water and
    allowing increasing both early and ultimate strengths.
    BETOCRETE-G3000 is based on a selected synthetic polymers & retarder and manufactured under controlled conditions assuring consistent quality.

Areas of Application

• Precast concrete
• Ready mixed concrete
• Slabs, basements and foundations
• Walls, columns and piers
• Bridges and related structures
• Easy finish concrete slabs
• Mass concrete
• When pozzolanic materials such as silica fume,
fly ash and blast furnace slag will be used

Article-No. Color Packaging size Unit/Pallet
406660 clear – colourless 20 liters/210 liters/1000liters liter