High performance, high-range, water-reducing, set-retarding
superplasticising concrete admixture with good workability retention
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REMICRETE-G650 is a high performance, highrange, water-reducing, superplasticising admixture formulated to produce highly flowable concrete with excellent workability retention. Once administered in the mix, REMICRETE-G650 is adsorbed onto the cement particles introducing a powerful deflocculating behaviour which effectively results in reduced water demand, an increase in both early & ultimate strengths and a significant improvement of the physical & mechanical properties of the resultant concrete.
REMICRETE-G650 will delay setting times whilst retaining workability, thus allowing long distance transportation. REMICRETE-G650 is based on a blend
of synthetic polymers.

Areas of Application

• Mass concrete
• Self compacting concrete (SCC)
• Slip form concreting
• Ready mixed concrete where long distance
transportation is involved
• Hot weather concreting
• Bridges & tunnels
• Floor slabs & screeds for easier placing,
compaction & finishing
• High strength concrete where prolonged workability
and/or easier placing, compaction and finishing
is required
• Concretes containing pozzolanic & mineral

Article-No. Color Packaging size Unit/Pallet
20liters/210liters/1000liters liter